M7.8 and M7.5 earthquake tragedy in Turkey and Syria


Sometimes, after devastating events such as this dual M7.8 and M7.5 #earthquake tragedy in #Turkey and #Syria, people and the media tend to reflect and wonder whether eartquakes can be somehow predicted. Unfortunately, they can’t, at least with a resolution in time and space which could be used for prepardness and early warning.

There is also the question if the scientific community is able to construct buildings that can resist strong earthquakes, even those which may exceed the acceleration level that seismic codes typically prescribe for design. The answer is that, yes, buildings can be designed nowadays in a smart way, to localise the absorbtion of energy in specific locations (i.e., beams and not columns) as a means to prevent collapse.

The problem therefore is neither the earthquakes nor the knowledge; both are given. The problem it is the compliance with modern seismic codes and the implementation in construction. This is what is missing in some parts of the world.

Every time therefore we see such as huge loss of human life in seismic regions, we should remember that this could have been prevented by enforcing seismic codes and quality control.

That #earthquakesafety is a human right.

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