Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Lecture Note


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Name of Notes : – Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Lecture Note


It may be evident from the foregoing introduction, that for the purpose of any thermodynamic analysis it is necessary to define a ‘system’. A system, in general, is any part of the universe which may be defined by a boundary which distinguishes it from the rest of the universe. Such a thermodynamic system is usually referred to as control volume as it would possess a volume and would also contain a definite quantity of matter. The system boundary may be real or imaginary, and may change in shape as well as in size over time, i.e., increase or decrease.

A system can either be closed or open. A closed system does not allow any transfer of mass (material) across its boundary, while an open system is one which does. In either case energy transfer can occur across the system boundary in any of its various forms; for example, heat, work, electrical / magnetic energy, etc. However, for most real world systems of interest to chemical engineers the primary forms of energy that may transfer across boundaries are heat and work. In contrast to closed or open systems, a system which is enclosed by a boundary that allows neither mass nor energy transfer is an isolated system.

Modules / Lectures

  • Chapter 1: Thermodynamic Systems: Basic Concepts
  • Chapter 2: Volumetric Properties of Real Fluids
  • Chapter 3 : First Law of Thermodynamics
  • Chapter 4 : Second Law of Thermodynamics
  • Chapter 5 : Thermodynamic Properties of Real Fluids
  • Chapter 6 : Solution Thermodynamics and Principles of Phase Equilibria
  • Chapter 7 : Vapour-Liquid Equilibria
  • Chapter 8 : Chemical Reaction Equilibria
  • Chapter 9 : Other Topics in Phase Equilibria

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