Digital Cinema Seminar Report with PPT


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To understand the concept of digital cinemas, we need to understand about the film based cinematography – In a large number of cases (even today), the pictures are shot using analog film based cameras, then converted in to digital format for editing, mixing, re-recording and adding special effects and converted back to analog films for projecting them through the analog film based projectors.

Digital Cinema Seminar Report

Page Length : 24

Content :

  • Introduction
  • History
  • How Digital Cinema Works
  • Technology And Standards
    • Digital Cinema Initiatives
    • E-Cinema
    • Digital Cinema Projectors
    • DLP Cinema Projectors
    • Sony SXRD Projectors
    • Stereo 3D Images
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • References

Digital Cinema Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 29

Content :

  • History
  • What is Digital cinema
  • Why go digital
  • Components of digital cinema
  • Types of Digital cinema
  • Digital cinema configuration
  • Projection techniques
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantage
  • Application
  • Future scope
  • Conclusion

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