Digital Rights Management Seminar Report With PPT


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Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems restrict the use of digital files in order to protect the interests of copyright holders. DRM technologies can control file access (number of views, length of views), altering, sharing, copying, printing, and saving. These technologies may be contained within the operating system, program software, or in the actual hardware of a device.

DRM systems take two approaches to securing content. The first is “containment,” an approach where the content is encrypted in a shell so that it can only be accessed by authorized users. The second is “marking,” the practice of placing a watermark, flag, or a XrML tag on content as a signal to a device that the media is copy protected.

Digital Rights Management Seminar Report

Page Length : 20

Content :

    • Introduction
    • What Is DRM
    • Architecture
    • Advantages And Disadvantages
    • Some Drm Solutions & Products
    • Limitations of DRM?
    • Conclusions
    • References


Digital Rights Management Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 22

Content :

    • Introduction
    • What is DRM
    • DRM Tools
    • Right management vs. Content management
    • Architecture
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
    • Limitations
    • DRM Solution
    • Conclusion

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