Employees Morale With Reference To Cochin Port Trust


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Employees Morale With Reference To Cochin Port Trust (Final Project Report)

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Executive Summary

Employee Morale refers to an attitude of satisfaction with a desire to continue and strive for attaining the objectives of a factory. Morale is purely emotional. It is an attitude of an employee towards his job, his superior and his organization. It is not static thing, but it changes depending on working conditions, superiors, fellow workers pay and so on. Morale may range from very high to very low. High Morale is evident from the positive feelings of employees such as enthusiasm; desire to obey orders, willingness to co-operate with coworkers. Poor or low Morale becomes obvious from the negative feelings of employees such as dissatisfaction, discouragement or dislike of the job.

Morale is a fundamental psychological concept. It is not easy to define. Morale is the degree of enthusiasm and willingness with which the members of a group pull together to achieve group goal. It has been defined differently by different authors. Different definition of Morale can be classified into three major approaches. According to Classical approach Morale is the satisfaction of basic needs is the symbol of Morale. In this approach Robert M. Guion Said that Morale is defined as the extent to which the individual perceives that satisfaction stemming from total job satisfaction. According to Psychological approach Morale is psychological concept i.e., state of mind. In this Jurious Fillipo said that Morale is a mental condition or attitude of individual and groups which determine their willingness to cooperate. According to Social Approach some experts Morale is a social phenomenon. In this approach Davis said that Morale can be defined as the attitudes of individual and groups towards their work environment and towards voluntary cooperation to the full extent of their ability in the best interest at the organization.

Employee Morale plays vital role in the origination success. High Morale leads to success and low Morale brings to defeat in its wake. The plays of Morale are no less important for an industrial undertaking. The success of failure of the industry much depends up on the Morale of its employees.

The Port of Cochin (also called Kochi) is an important seaport on the Arabian Sea in southwest India’s Kerala State. Located about 565 kilometers southwest of the Port of Chennai and about 930 kilometers south-southeast of the Port of Mumbai, this deep- water harbor and port has road, rail, air, and water connections with the region’s hinterlands and other major Indian cities. In 2001, the Port of Cochin was home to over 513 thousand people, and some 1.5 million live in the urban area today.

The Port of Cochin boasts a system of inland waterways through beautiful lagoons and backwaters that parallel the coastline and provide easy and inexpensive transportation that encourages trade. The 21st Century brought an era of economic growth to the Port of Cochin, with growing information technology, international trade, and tourism industries. Like other growing cities in the region, the Port of Cochin struggles with rapid population growth, environmental pollution, and seriously congested traffic. Having attracted migrants over centuries, the Port of Cochin is a cultural melting pot and a diverse city with a rich history and a unique mix of traditional and contemporary life.

This project is undertaken to study the level of morale of the employees working in Cochin Port Trust. Main objective of this study is to suggest measures to increase morale of the employees of Cochin Port.


  • Chapter – 1
    1. Introduction
      • Introduction
      • Objectives
      • Scope and Significance of the Study
      • Limitations
      • Methodology Used For the Study
  • Chapter – 2
    1. Theoretical Framework of the Study
    2. Industry Profile
    3. Company Profile
    4. Organizational Structure
  • Chapter – 3
    1. Review of Literature “Employee Morale”
  • Chapter – 4
    1. Analysis and Interpretation
  • Chapter – 5
    1. Findings, Conclusion and Suggestions
      • Findings
      • Suggestions
      • Conclusion
    2. Bibliography
  • Annexure
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Employees Morale With Reference To Cochin Port Trust Employees Morale With Reference To Cochin Port Trust
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