Financial Analysis Performance Evaluation Of Geodesic Ltd


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Financial Analysis Performance Evaluation Of Geodesic Ltd (Final Project Report)

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Executive Summary

“In a modern money using economy, finance may be defined as the provision of money at time it is wanted.” The ambitious plans of the businessmen would remain mere dreams unless adequate money is available to convert them into reality. In the early stages of industrial revolution, capital was not much consequent and the financial requirements of businesses were limited. The methods of production were extremely simple and tools and equipment’s were inexpensive. Labour was more important, relatively than capital. Production could, thus, be termed as ‘Labour intensive’. Under such a set up, finance didn’t pose any big problem. As the time passed, industries grew and production began to be carried on a mass scale for national and international markets. It necessitated the use of huge and complex machineries, very large quantities of raw materials and large number of workers. All these made industry ‘capital intensive’ and capital became the most important factor of production.

Finance is required at different stages of business beginning from its formation, expansion extending up to its winding up. The success of every business depends upon the way in which required funds are arranged at the right time, in the right quantity from right sources and at the least cost. All these aspects are covered by financial management. Financial management in simple terms is concerned with three broad decision areas like investment decisions, financing decisions and dividend decisions.

In the present day Capitalistic regime the size of business enterprises is increasing resulting into corporate empires empowered with a lot of social and political influence. This makes corporate finance all the more important. Corporate finance is also referred to as Financial Management. Every management aims to utilize its funds is a best possible and profitable way. The success and growth of a firm depends upon adequate return on investment. The investors or shareholders can be attracted by a firm only by maximization of their wealth through the application of principles and procedures as laid down by corporate finance.


  • Chapter I
    • Introduction
      • Statement of the Problem
      • Scope and Significance of the Study
      • Objectives of the Study
    • Methodology
      • Period of the Study
      • Limitations of the Study
  • Chapter – 2
    • Financial Management And Company Profile of Geodesic Ltd
      • Financial Management- An Over View
      • Objectives of Financial Management:
      • A’s Of Financial Management
      • Functional Areas of Financial Management
    • Financial Decisions
    • Company Profile of Geodesic Ltd
      • Overview
      • Milestones
      • Customer Base of the Company
      • Subsidiaries and Associate Companies Subsidiaries
    • Associate Companies
      • Work Culture
      • Business Models
      • Administration
      • Role of Board of Directors
      • Awards and Recognitions
      • Knowledge Management
      • Products and Services of Geodesic Limited
    • Communication
      • Content Management and Delivery
      • Mobile Gaming
      • Electronic Computing
  • Chapter-3
    • Financial Analysis- Theoretical Framework Financial Statements
      • Financial Analysis
      • Objectives of Financial Analysis
      • Types of Financial Analysis
      • Methods and Devices of Financial Analysis
      • Comparative Statements
      • Comparative Balance Sheet
      • Comparative Income Statement
    • Trend Analysis
      • Computation of Trend Percentages
      • Evaluation of Trend Percentages
    • Ratio Analysis
      • Interpretation of the Ratios
      • Common-Size Statements
      • Fund Flow Statement
      • Cash Flow Statement
  • Chapter – 4
    • Analyze and Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Chapter- 5
    • Findings, Suggestions and Conclusions
      • Findings
      • Suggestions
      • Conclusions
    • Bibliography
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