Financial and Operational Performance of ATI Ltd


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Financial and Operational Performance of ATI Ltd (Final Project Report)

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Executive Summary

Financial analysis is helpful in assessing the financial position and profitability of the concern. This is done through comparison by ratios for the same concern over a period of years; or for one concern against another; or for one concern against the industry as a whole (inter-firm comparison); or for one concern against predetermined a standards; or for one department of a concern against other departments of the same concern (intra- firm comparison). Accounting ratios calculated for a number of years shows the trend of the change of position, i.e. whether the trend is upward or downward or static.

The main objectives of the analysis of financial statements are to assess:

  • The present and future earning capacity or profitability of the concern,
  • The operational efficiency of the concern as a whole and of its various parts or departments,
  • The short term and long term solvency of the concern for the benefit of the debenture holders and trade creditors,
  • The comparative study in regard to one firm with another firm or one department with another department,
  • The possibility of developments in the future by making forecast and preparing budgets,
  • The financial stability of a business concern,
  • The real meaning and significance of the financial data, and
  • The long term liquidity of its

In addition to the analysis, interpretation also requires comparison to draw meaningful results. Mere examination of the various components of financial statements like current assets, current liabilities, long term liabilities, share holders’ fund, working capital, gross profit, operating profit, cost of goods sold etc. will not lead to definite conclusion in regard to the financial status of a business. Comparison of related components like current assets with current liabilities, long term liabilities with shareholders fund, gross profit with sales etc. is requires draw the meaning full conclusions about the position of a company. Therefore, to interpret the position of a company, it is necessary not only to separate the totals given in its financial statements in to various components of like nature but also to make comparison of related components. In addition to this comparison of various components with that of previous year analysis should be made to know the changes that have taken place in the business over several years.


  • Chapter-1
    1. Introduction
      1. Financial Statement Analysis
      2. Objectives Of Financial Analysis
      3. Scope Of Study
      4. Period Of The Study
      5. Objective Of The Study
      6. Limitation Of The Study
  • Chapter – 2
      1. Industry And Company Profile
        1. Industry Profile
        2. Company Profile
        3. Vision
        4. Mission
        5. Objective
        6. Plant Location And Lay Out
      2. Product Profile
      3. Organization Structure
        1. Production Department
        2. Financial Department
        3. Marketing Department
  • Chapter-3
    1. Research Methodology
      1. Methodology
  • Chapter-4
    1. Analysis And Interpretations
  • Chapter 5
    1. Findings, Suggestions And
      1. Conclusion
      2. Findings
      3. Suggestions
      4. Conclusion


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Financial and Operational Performance of ATI Ltd Financial and Operational Performance of ATI Ltd
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