Financial Study of Asian Paints


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Financial Study of Asian Paints (Final Project Report)

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Executive Summary

Finance is regarded as the lifeblood of the business enterprise. This is because in the modern money oriented economy, finance is one of the basic foundations of all kinds of economic activities. It is master key, which provides access to all sources for being employed in a manufacturing and merchandising activity. It has rightly been said that business needs money to make more money. However it is also true that money begets more money only when it is properly managed. Hence efficient management of every business enterprise is clearly linked with efficient management of its finance. The three important activities of business enterprise are finance, production and marketing. Out of these, finance occupies great importance. Only through proper finance management other functions such as production marketing etc. can be better performed by managers. A firm can acquire funds from internal as well as external sources. Internal sources constitute issue of shares and retained earnings, while external sources are loans from financial institution, bonds etc. The modern finance manager occupies a key position in the top management and plays a dynamic role in solving complex problems concerning financial matters. When capital is invested in an enterprise it becomes the responsibility of management to administrate the financial affairs with caution and wisdom to achieve overall objectives of the business. In accounting, financial statements are the means of convey to management owners and to interested outsiders to know about profitability etc. The preparation of financial is not the first step in the accounting process but they are the end products of accounting process. Which give concise accounting information of the accounting period is over? All financial transaction is recorded first in subsidiary books and subsequently. They are posted to ledger accounts, the balances of ledger accounts at the end of the year are ultimately presented through financial statements. These statements are called final accounts.

The study is focused on a company on paint industry Asian paints. Asian paint is India’s largest paint company and Asia’s third largest paint company with a turnover of 77.06 billion. The group has an enviable reputation in the corporate world for professionalism face track growth and building shareholders equity. Asian paints become a corporate force and India’s leading Paint Company.


  1. Chapter – 1
    1. Introduction
    2. Statement of the Problem
    3. Scope and Significance
    4. Objectives
    5. Period of Study
    6. Methodology
    7. Limitations of the Study
  2. Chapter – 2
    1. Company Profile
    2. Introducing the Asian Paints Group
  3. Chapter – 3
    1. Analysis and Interpretation Definitions Of
    2. Financial Statements
    3. Nature of Financial Statements
    4. Objectives of Financial Statements
    5. Limitations of Financial Statements
    6. Meaning Of Analysis of Financial Statements
    7. Objectives (Or Uses) Of Financial Analysis
  4. Chapter – 4
    1. Findings, Conclusion and Suggestions
      1. Findings
      2. Conclusion
      3. Suggestions
  5. Bibliography
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Financial Study of Asian Paints Financial Study of Asian Paints
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