Four Wheels Steering Seminar Report


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An Automobile is a self–propelled vehicle which is used for the transportation of passengers and goods upon the ground .A vehicle is a machine which is used for the transportation of passengers and goods. A self propelled vehicle is that in which power required for the propulsion is produced from within.  Aeroplane  , ship motor  boat ,locomotive ,car bus ,truck, jeep ,tractor ,scooter ,motor  cycle are the example of self propelled  vehicles. Motor vehicle is another name for the self propelled and used for the transportation purposes upon the ground, so it differs from other types of self –propelled vehicles. Like aeroplane, helicopter, rocket, ship, motor boat, locomotive.

Four Wheels Steering Seminar Report

Page Length : 25

Content :

  • Introduction To Automobile
  • Types Of Automobiles
  • Introduction To Steering System
  • Requirements Of Steering System
  • Functions Of The Steering System
  • Types Of Steering
  • Four Wheel Steering
  • Two Modes Are Generally Used In These 4ws Models
  • King Pin And King Pin Axis
  • King-Pin Inclination Or Steering Axle Inclination
  • Center Point Steering
  • Scrub Radius
  • Fail-Safe Measures
  • Result And Discussion
  • Conclusions And Scope Of Future Work

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