Fundamentals of Biotechnology Lecture Note


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Name of Notes : – Fundamentals of Biotechnology Lecture Note


A deep interdependence between the human and nature remains the fundamental fact of life. Health, growth and subsistence of a human society are therefore intimately linked to those of natural systems. Biotechnology is a technology involving whole or parts of the foundation of life, the cell. The performance of the individual cell forms the basis for our food, possible exploitation and sustainability of life. Each cell performance, on the other hand, follows the natural laws of thermodynamics (see also Cell Thermodynamics and Energy Metabolism) as well as its inherited genetic code. It is finally the genetic code, which determines the optimal physical or biochemical characteristics of each cell. In the past, present and future, biotechnological approaches involve cells of many kinds, belonging to bacteria (prokaryotic microorganisms), yeast, fungi (see also Microbial Cell Culture) and algae (see also Algal cell culture ) (eukaryotic microorganisms), plants (see also Plant cell culture ) and animals (see also Mammalian cell culture ) including humans (eukaryotes). Depending on the specific purposes and needs, wild-type cells, naturally occurring mutants, or genetically manipulated cells and organisms are employed. The interest in bio resource potentials reflects our growing awareness that the sun is the source of nearly all energy and what we call “biomass” is the storehouse of solar energy. The amount of raw energy stored in our bio resources is enormous. It has been estimated that 10 percent of the world’s current yearly production of biomass could readily meet the year 2000 requirements for food and energy, if used efficiently.

Modules / Lectures

  • Introduction
  • Basics of expression system
  • Molecular Cloning-I
  • Molecular Cloning-II
  • Analysis of biomolecules
  • Biotechnology in social welfare

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