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The climate of a region or city is its typical or average weather. For example, the climate of Hawaii is sunny and warm. But the climate of Antarctica is freezing cold. Earth’s climate is the average of all the world’s regional climates.

Climate change, therefore, is a change in the typical or average weather of a region or city. This could be a change in a region’s average annual rainfall, for example. Or it could be a change in a city’s average temperature for a given month or season.

Genomic Library Seminar Report

Page Length : 16

Content :

  • What Are Climate And Climate Change?
  • What Is The Difference Between Weather And Climate?
  • Causes
  • Conclusions
  • References

Genomic Library Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 28

Content :

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Climate Change
  • Causes of Climate Change- Natural Causes & Human Causes
  • Effects of Climate Change
  • Conclusion

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