Human Resource Management in Steel Industries


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Human Resource Management in Steel Industries (Final Project Report)

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TATA Steel is the leading Steel producer of HR sheet, CR sheet, structural steel, construction steel, commercial Tubes and many more product in the market with a well-established national and international network. It delivers quality and enjoys enormous brand equity. It faces threat from competitors who try to turn the market to their side by scoring over the points where TATA STEEL product falls short. Therefore, we, HR student, as management trainees in TATA STEEL, have undertaken a project, to find out how to increase the potential, productivity and efficiency of an employee.

TATA STEEL-Jamshedpur: – Our main objectives are:

  1. To find out and compare the Work environment at major companies in steel
  2. To measure the threat of substitution from another segment.
  3. To find out the critical factors that might result in loss of market share and brand The sole purpose of our research work is to benefit the TATA STEEL, in following ways:
  4. Critical factors of HR, once identified, can be worked upon so as to eradicate the risk of losing Company HR
  5. Working on the problematic areas would also save its reputation in the market.
  6. Knowledge about strengths and weaknesses of the competitors from the same segment, would help the company build its HR strategies accordingly so as to maintain or increase its Goal and company
  7. Realizing opportunities, as, new working environment development substitution from the segment. This report is precise and purely specific to its purpose, targeted to enable Managers to take relevant


Chapter No. Particulars Page No.



1.0      Human Resource Management 7
1.1 Meaning of Human Resource Management 8-9
1.2 Characteristics of Human Resource Management 10-12
1.3 Need and Importance of Human Resource






2.0 Human Resource Management in Tata Steel Ltd.

( Overview Of Tata Steel Ltd)

2.1History, vision and Mission Of Tata Steel Ltd. 18
2.2 Business Divisions Of The Tata Steel Ltd. 19-28
2.3 HRM Background and Practices. 29-31
2.4 HR Practices and Methods. 31-32



3.0 Job analysis, Job Design and Job Evolution. 33
3.1 Job analysis 33-39
3.2 Job Design 40-48
3.3 Job Evolution. 49-50


4.0 Human Resource Planning 51
4.1. Recruitment: 52
4.2 Selection 52
4.3Placement 53
4.4 Induction & orientation 53



5.0 Human Resource Development 54-56
5.1 Management Development: 56
5.2. Career Planning & Development: 57-59
5.3. Organizational Development: 59


6.0 Compensations Management 60
6.1. Compensation 61-62
6.2. Compensations and Benefits 63-64
7 7.0 Human Relations 65-66
8.0 Human Resource Management in Steel Industries. 67
8 8.1. HRM in small private steel industries 68
8.2. HRM in Public Sector steel industries 69


9.1. Role of Human Resource Management 70-71
9.2. Responsibilities of Human Resource Management: 72
10 10.0 Employee Relations In Tata steel. 73-74
11 11.0 Current HR Challenges Faced by Tata Steel Ltd. 75-77
12 12.0 HR Development in Tata Steel Ltd. 78
12.1 79-82
12.2 83-84
12.3 85-90
13 13.0 HRM Issue in Tata Steel Ltd. 91



14.0 Leave and Support Scheme Run by HRM Tata Steel Ltd. 92
14.1 Types of Leaves. 92-95
14.2 Support Scheme Organise By Tata Steel Ltd. 95-105



15.0 Organizational Profile of Tata Steel Ltd. 106-108
15.1 Ownership Structure (Tata Steel) 109
15.2 Leadership Structure 110
15.3 Key performance indicators (Tata Steel India) 111-112
16 16.0 Training and Development Function in Tata Steel Ltd.( Analysis Of Secondary Data) 113
17 17.0 Risk matrix of Tata steel Ltd-Jamshedpur. 114-115
18 18.1 BCG Matrix Analysis Of Tata Steel Ltd 116-117
18.2 BCG Matrix Analysis Of Tata Group 118
18.3 SWOT Analysis Of Tata steel Ltd. 119
19 19.0 Key Finding. 120
19.1 Suggestion and Recommendations. 121
19.2 Limitation Of the Study. 122
19.3 Conclusion. 123
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Human Resource Management in Steel Industries Human Resource Management in Steel Industries
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