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When we talk about free software, we usually refer to the free software licenses. We also need relief from software patents, so our freedom is not restricted by them. But there is a third type of freedom we need, and that’s user freedom.

Expert users don’t take a system as it is. They like to change the configuration, and they want to run the software that works best for them. That includes window managers as well as your favorite text editor.

Hurd Seminar Report

Page Length : 33

Content :

  • Introduction
  • A More Usable Approach To Os Design
    • Kernel Architectures
    • Micro Vs Monolithic
    • Single Server Vs Multi Server
  • Mach Memory Management
    • Design Goals
    • Multiprocessor Issues For TIB
    • Synchronization And Deadlock Avoidance
    • Page Replacement
  • Mach Inter Process Communication
    • Messages
    • How To Get A Port?
    • File System Servers
    • Passive Translators
    • Authentication
    • Password Server
    • Process Server
    • File Systems
  • A Look At Some Of The Hurd’s Disadvantages
    • The Authentication Server
    • The Process Server
    • Transparent Ftp
    • Terminals
    • Executing Programs
    • Network Protocols
  • Who Should Use The Hurd?
  • Hurd Today
  • Conclusion
  • References

Hurd Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 20

Content :

  • Kernel Linux
  • Limitaciones del Kernel Linux
  • Kernel Mach
  • Que es Hurd
  • Arquitectura
  • Ventajas
  • Distribuciones
  • Estado del Proyecto

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