Ideas and methods in condensed matter theory Lecture Note


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Name of Notes : – Ideas and methods in condensed matter theory Lecture Note


Condensed matter physics is the study of the macroscopic properties of materials. It seeks to use the well-established laws of microscopic physics to predict the collective properties of very large numbers of electrons, atoms or molecules.

Theoretical research in condensed matter physics is carried out in an interdepartmental group of the Departments of Physics and Applied Physics. Interests range from the study of electronic properties of semiconductor microstructures to those of the high temperature superconductors, as well as from quantum optics and opt mechanics to quantum information processing.

Modules / Lectures

  • Module 1: Overview of Course
  • Module 2: Conceptual overview and Linear Response
  • Module 3: Quantum antiferromagnets: Path integral description and introduction
  • Module 4 : Many-body formalism and introduction to strongly correlated obconic and fermionic systems
  • Module 5 : Phase and phase transitions of the quantum rotor model
  • Module 6: Super quiddity and the Kosterlitz Thouless transition

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