Igneous Rocks Seminar Report With PPT


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Igneous rock (derived from the Latin word ignis meaning fire), or magmatic rock, is one of the three main rock types, the others being sedimentary and metamorphic. Igneous rock is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. The magma can be derived from partial melts of existing rocks in either a planet’s mantle or crust. Typically, the melting is caused by one or more of three processes: an increase in temperature, a decrease in pressure, or a change in composition.

Igneous Rocks Seminar Report

Page Length : 13

Content :

  • Introduction
  • What are igneous rocks?
  • Igneous Rock Facts
  • Igneous rock types
  • Characteristics of Igneous Rocks
  • References

Igneous Rocks Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 15

Content :

  • žIntroduction
  • ž3 Ways Magma Can Form
  • žClassification of igneous rocks
  • Reference

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