Intelligent Transport System Seminar Report with PPT


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Intelligent Transportation Systems help meet the transportation challenges:

A broad range of diverse technologies, known collectively as intelligent transportation systems (ITS), holds the answer to many of our transportation problems.

ITS is comprised of a number of technologies, including information processing, communications, control, sand electronics. Joining these technologies to our transportation system will save lives, save time, and save money.

Intelligent Transport System Seminar Report

Page Length : 30

Content :

  • Background
    • Indian scenario
  • Intelligent transportation technologies
    • Wireless communications
    • Computational technologies
    • Floating car data/floating cellular data
    • Sensing technologies
    • Inductive loop detection
    • Video vehicle detection
  • Intelligent transportation applications
    • Electronic toll collection
    • Emergency vehicle notification systems
    • Cordon zones with congestion pricing
    • Automatic road enforcement
    • Collision avoidance systems
    • Dynamic Traffic Light Sequence
    • Intelligent Vehicle
  • ITS World Congress and Exhibition 2009
    • some issues of discussion and study
  • References
  • External links
    • Societies
    • News and information
    • Related journals and magazines

Intelligent Transport System Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 22

Content :

  • The Topics Which I Will Discuss
  • What Is I.T.S?
  • Basic Idea Of I.T.S
  • Problems In Transportation
  • Various Thoughts Which Come To Mind While Driving
  • Features Of The Intelligent Transportation System
  • Intelligent Transportation Technologies
  • Intelligent Transportation Applications
  • I.T.S Requirements In India
  • Road Safety In India
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations
  • E-safety In India
  • Emergency Management Systems
  • Traffic And Traveller Information
  • Public Transport
  • Conclusion
  • References

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