Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry Lecture Note


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Name of Notes : – Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry Lecture Note


Organometallic compounds are those in which there is a metal-carbon bond. According to this definition, in the case of transition metals, this group of compounds includes not only metal carbonyls, olefin complexes, cyclopentadienyl, and other Π-complexes, but also cyanide and fulminate compounds. Certain difficulties arise in defining the metal of the main group elements. Usually, organometallic compounds are comprised not only of compounds of typical metals, but also of metalloids such as boron, silicon, phosphorus, arsenic, selenium, etc. In compounds of metals as well as in those of metalloids, the bond is generally polarized as follows: M δ+ – C δ-. Consequently, the metal or metalloid atom will be susceptible to nucleophilic attack while the carbon atom will be susceptible to electrophilic attack. In all other compounds (e.g., with oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, etc.), the polarity of the element-carbon bond is opposite.

Modules / Lectures

  • Module 1 : Introduction
  • Module 2 : Organometallic chemistry of s- and p-block elements
  • Module 3 : Organometallic chemistry of p-block elements
  • Module 4 : Organ element compounds of Group 15
  • Module 5 : Group 12 elements
  • Module 6 : General properties of Transition Metal Organometallic Complexes
  • Module 7 : Metal alkyls and Metal hydrides
  • Module 8 : Carbonyls and Phosphine Complexes
  • Module 9 : Complexes of ? ?bound ligands
  • Module 10 : Reaction mechanism
  • Module 11 : Applications
  • Module 12 : Physical methods in Organometallic Chemistry
  • Module 13 : Multiply bonded ligands
  • Module 14 : Metathesis

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Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry Lecture Note Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry Lecture Note
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