Itanium Processor Seminar Report With PPT


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The Itanium processor family came about for several reasons, but the primary one was that the processor architecture advances of RISC were no longer growing at the rate seen in the 1980’s or the 1990’s.Yet,customers continued demand greater application performance.

The Itanium processor family was developed as a response to address the future performance and growth needs of business, technical and scientific users with greater flexibility, better performance and a much greater ‘bang for the buck’ in the price performance arena.

Itanium Processor Seminar Report

Page Length : 28

Content :

    • Introduction
    • Today’s Architecture Challenges
    • Ia-64 Architecture Performance Features
    • Ia-64 System Environment
    • Ras Features
    • Benefits Of Itanium Processors For Different Platforms
    • Intel Itanium 2 Processor
    • Applications
    • Future Scope
    • Conclusion
    • Reference

Itanium Processor Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 16

Content :

    • Introduction
    • Today’s Architecture Challenges
    • IA-64 Architecture Performance Features
    • Register Stack Engine(RSE)
    • RAS Features
    • IA-32 Execution Hardware
    • Applications
    • Future Scope
    • Conclusion
    • Reference

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