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Knowledge Management Bank (Final Project Report)

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The purpose of this study was to understand the banking management practices of the creation, sharing, and acquisition of knowledge in their operations. Knowledge sharing individually or collectively, by the banking management adds value when new KM is practiced in a knowledge-intensive organization. Knowledge has been lately recognized as one of the most important assets of organizations. Managing knowledge has grown to be imperative for a company’s success. This paper presents an overview of Knowledge Management and various aspects of secure knowledge management. A case study of knowledge management activities at Tata Steel is also discussed.

A bank is a financial institution which accepts deposits, pays interest on pre-defined rates, clears checks, makes loans, and often acts as an intermediary in financial transactions. It also provides other financial services to its customers.

Bank management governs various concerns associated with bank in order to maximize profits. The concerns broadly include liquidity management, asset management, liability management and capital management. We will discuss these areas in later chapters.


Chapter No.1

      • Introduction to bank management
      • Origin of banks
      • Scheduled & non-scheduled banks
      • Evolution of banks
      • Growth of banking system in India

Chapter No.2

      • History of banking management
      • Definition
      • Bank management in the economy
      • Bank functions

Chapter No.3

      • What is the bank management?
      • The role of project management in the bank by functional area
      • Commercial banking functions
      • Banking regulation act 1949
      • Penalties prescribed under the banking regulation act, 1949

Chapter No.4

      • Bank management – liquidity
      • Principles of credit management

Chapter No.5

      • Bank management: formulating loan policy
      • Advantages
      • Disadvantages
      • Certificate of deposit

Chapter No.6

      • How can a bank achieve liquidity?
      • Bank management – liquidity management theory 6.1bank management: Basel norms

Chapter No.7

      • Five essential process improvement ideas in banking
      • Process improvement ideas in banking number 1: start with non-standard work
      • Process improvement ideas in banking number 3: fix broken staffing models
      • Bank management – credit
      • Principle of credit management

Chapter No. 8

      • Bank management – formulating loan policy
      • Bank management – asset liability
      • Bank management – evolution of ALM
      • Interest rate risk (IRR)
      • Gap analysis
      • Bank management – banking marketing

Chapter No. 9

      • Marketing approach
      • Bank management – relationship banking
      • Improving customer relationship
      • Features & characteristics of banking sector!!
      • Different types of bank in India
      • Different types of deposits
      • The role of management banking
      • Bank risk
      • Issues and challenges facing Indian banking sector

Chapter No. 10

    • Conclusion
    • Reference
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