Novel Separation Processes Lecture Note


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Name of Notes : – Novel Separation Processes Lecture Note


Separation processes are integral unit operation in most of the modern chemical, pharmaceutical and other process plants. Among the separation processes, some are standard and conventional processes, like, distillation, absorption, adsorption, etc. These processes are quite common and the relevant technologies are well developed and well studied. On the other hand, newer separation processes, like, membrane based techniques, chromatographic separation, super critical fluid extraction, etc., are gaining importance in modern days plants. The present course is designed to emphasize on these novel separation processes. The course is designed for an elective subject of post graduate and final year undergraduate students.

            Chapter 1 deals with the fundamental of separation processes. Identification of novel separation processes is done in Chapter 2. The common membrane based separation processes, fundamental theory and design aspects are presented in Chapter 3 in great details. External electric field enhanced membrane filtration for charged colloids is gaining importance nowadays and is presented in Chapter 4.  Gas separation is presented in Chapter 5 and surfactant based separation processes are presented in Chapter 6. This includes micellar enhanced ultrafiltration, cloud point extraction and emulsion liquid membranes. Fundamentals of centrifugal separation processes are described in Chapter 7. Chromatographic and ion exchange separation processes are presented in Chapter 8 in fairly details. Electrophoretic separation processes are discussed in Chapter 9 and finally principles of supercritical separation processes are presented in Chapter 10.

All the chapters are associated with mathematical details so that, the students do not lose their interest and feel lost in dry description of technologies involved. At the end of each chapter, sufficient and typical problems are solved. These would help the students in assimilation of the theory and at the same time how to apply them for solving/designing an actual system.

Modules / Lectures

  • Module 1 : Fundamentals of Separation Processes
  • Module 2 : Various Separation Processes…. Novel Separation Processes
  • Module 3 : Membrane Based Separation Processes
  • Module 4 : External Field Induced Membrane…….Colloidal Particles
  • Module 5: Gas Separation
  • Module 6: Surfactant Based Separation Processes
  • Module 7:Centrifugal Separation Processes
  • Module 8:Chromatographic Separation and Ion Exchange
  • Module 9: Electrophoretic Separation Methods
  • Module 10: Supercritical Fluid Extraction

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Novel Separation Processes Lecture Note Novel Separation Processes Lecture Note
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