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Name of Notes : – Signals and Systems Lecture Note


Signal processing plays an extremely important and continually growing role in a wide variety of engineering systems. Furthermore, technology and algorithms for signal processing continue to develop rapidly. While only a short time ago signal processing systems were predominantly analog, integrated circuit technology has made digital signal processing often preferable and more cost-effective.

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts and theory of analog and digital signal processing. The background assumed is calculus, experience in manipulating complex numbers, and some exposure to differential equations. Prior exposure to the fundamentals of circuits for electrical engineers or fundamentals of dynamics for mechanical engineers is helpful but not essential.

Both for pedagogical reasons and as a reflection of the nature of modern signal processing systems, the concepts associated with continuous-time and with discrete-time signals and systems are treated together in a closely coordinated way. Among other things, this approach emphasizes both the similarities and the differences in the two classes of systems. Developing this video course has been an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience. I hope that you also find it enjoyable, stimulating, and rewarding.

Modules / Lectures

  • Module-1 Signals In Natural Domain
  • Module-2 Signals in Frequency Domain
  • Module-3 Sampling and Reconstruction
  • Module-4 Laplace and Z Transform
  • Module-5 Real Life Applications

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