Soft Skills Seminar Report with PPT


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Non-verbal cues, in a conversation with anyone, can say more than the actual words. Managing the ques to create a better situation requires the use of soft skills. In a work environment, there are two types of skills: hard and soft.

 Hard skills are the technical skills you use each day to perform your job. Some examples would be your computer skills or procedural knowledge you apply in your job.

Soft Skills Seminar Report

Page Length : 9

Content :

  • What Are Soft Skills?
  • Why Do Soft Skills Matter?
  • What Are The Key Soft Skills?
  • How To Push Your Soft Skills In Your Cv And At Interview
  • References

Soft Skills Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 16

Content :

  • What are Soft skills?
  • Importance of Soft Skill
    • Important Soft Skills?
    • Communication skills
    • Body language
    • Making Decisions
    • Self Motivation
    • Leadership Skills
    • Team-Working Skills
    • Creativity and Problem Solving Skills
    • Time Management
  • Conclusion

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