Spheroidal Graphite (S.G) Iron Seminar Report


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The first announcement of successful production of Spheroidal Graphite structures in grey cast irons was made by H.Morragh of British cast iron Research Association in the year 1948 at the American Foundrymen’s society’s Annual convention in Philadelphia, U.S.A.The process involved a treatment of low sulphur hyper- eutectic cast iron with cerium, which was added as mish metal shortly before casting. In same convention, T.M Wickenden of the International Nickel Company, U.S.A disclosed that their researchers had also found out a method of production of Spheroidal Graphite structure in the as cast condition by the introduction in the iron, either hyper- eutectic, of a small but effective amount of magnesium or a magnesium containing addition such as a nickel-magnesium alloy

Spheroidal Graphite (S.G) Iron Seminar Report

Page Length : 19

Content :

  • Introduction
  • Different Between Grey Iron and S.G Iron
  • Prorerties of S.G Iron
  • Production of S.G. Iron
  • Subversible Element and its Neutralization
  • Melting Practices
  • Application of S.G Iron
  • Conclusions
  • References

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