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Name of Notes : – Superconductivity Lecture Note


Superconductivity is a phenomenon whereby a charge moves through a material without resistance.

In theory this allows electrical energy to be transferred between two points with perfect efficiency, losing nothing to heat.

Why are superconducting materials important?

In an ideal world, we’d all have superconducting materials wired into our electronics and power grids, saving huge amounts of energy and allowing us to cram circuits into confined spaces.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Most superconducting materials only have this useful function at temperatures of just above absolute zero, where atoms barely move.

How does superconductivity work?

These cold superconductors typically work by allowing electrons to overcome their usual repulsion to each other and snuggle closer together to form what are known as Cooper pairs.

Modules / Lectures

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Normal metals
  • Module 3: Superconductivity phenomenon
  • Module 4: Thermodynamics of the superconducting transition
  • Module 5: Ginzburg-Landau phenomenological theory
  • Module 6: Microscopic theory of superconductivity
  • Module 7: Tunneling and the energy gap
  • Module 8 : Application of Superconductors
  • Module 9 : Experimental probes of Superconductivity
  • Module 10: Unconventional superconductors

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Superconductivity Lecture Note Superconductivity Lecture Note
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