The Fundamentals of Interior Design


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Name of File :- The Fundamentals of Interior Design


What is interior design?

To be creative is part of the human psyche. It is one of those traits that set us apart from other animal species, and we have practiced it for millennia. Even when our prime need was to find food and shelter, we felt a desire to leave our mark on the environments that we inhabited. Whether this was to satisfy some deep spiritual calling or a method of passing on vital knowledge to fellow group members, or whether it was simply a way for an individual to satisfy an urge to leave his mark for future generations, we will never know. For just as long, people have turned inquisitive minds to ways of solving problems and dealing with the issues that have faced them in the struggle to survive: problems such as how to work more efficiently, how to live more comfortably and how to be safe from danger.

Today, these primitive and fundamental indicators of human nature may be expressed in more sophisticated and developed ways, but the primal simplicity of our human desire to make a ‘better’ and more comfortable world for ourselves is evidenced through, amongst other things, how we organize the spaces that we inhabit, and the aesthetic that we make for them.

As we have become more affluent and blessed with more leisure time, style has become more important to us and is something with which we want to imbue our homes. But ‘style’ is a very personal notion, so why should anyone look to employ someone else, an interior designer, to tell them what is right? Why, for that matter, should you as a designer presume to impose your ideas upon a space that isn’t your own? The answer is this; interior design is about so much more than ‘what looks right’. It is about taking a holistic view of the way that individuals use and enjoy the spaces that they inhabit. It is about finding and creating a cohesive answer to a set of problems and dressing the solution so as to unify and strengthen our experience of the space. Many people understand this and that they do not have the necessary skills to tackle the job themselves. And so there is the need for professional interior designers.

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The Fundamentals of Interior Design The Fundamentals of Interior Design
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