Theory of Computation Hand Note


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Theory of Computation Hand Note

Page Length : 273

Cover Topic :

  • Introduction
  • BNF
  • Languages and grammars (most important!)
  • DFAs and their implementation
  • NDFAs and their implementation
  • DFAs = NDFAs
  • Regular expressions
  • Regular expressions denote regular languages
  • Regular grammars
  • Closure, homomorphism
  • Pigeonhole principle, pumping lemma (difficult)
  • CFGs
  • Parsing and ambiguity
  • Pushdown automata
  • NPDAs & CFGs
  • A pumping lemma for cfgs (still difficult)
  • Turing machines
  • Universal Turing Machines and LBAs
  • Recursively enumerable languages
  • Unrestricted grammars
  • The Chomsky hierarchy
  • Undecidable problems
  • Church’s Thesis
  • Complexity Theory, P and NP


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