Accurate listing: The Martcost Seller agrees to accurately list all book information and descriptions including, but not limited to, the proper categorization of Department, Format, and Categories wise. The Martcost Seller also will not misrepresent different editions, publication years, or other information with the intent of misleading buyers to a version other than what they are searching for. Proper usage of book traits is critical.

Ownership of items: The Martcost Seller warrants that the Martcost Seller the legal owner of all items listed in the Martcost Seller’s inventory.

Checking for new orders.: It will be the Martcost responsibility to mail and inform new orders received. Reliance solely on automated order notifications and order files does not eclipse the seller’s responsibility to verify the receipt of new orders.

Order Complete: The order will be completed automatically after payment is made.

Order processing: When the customer is making the payment, the order processing will show at that time. And after the payment is completed, this order processing will automatically change to order complete.

Order Hold: If a customer selects the option of bank transfer or after payment, then the order will show hold at that time. After completion of payment, it is the responsibility of Martcost to complete the order from the order hold.

Cancellations: If the customer does not pay for that order after creating Order then that order will show order cancellation.

Consequences for non-performance: Violations of the policies above may result in any or all of the following actions:

1. Listing cancellation
2. Temporary account suspension
3. Account termination
4. Limits on account privileges
5. Account balance adjustment
6. Loss of Martcost Seller privileges
7. Referral to law enforcement

Withholding of pending payments until issues are resolved. Payments may be withheld for up to 120 days if your account is permanently suspended. This is to make sure all pending returns, refunds, and chargebacks are addressed before payment is issued and adjustments are made to your account.

Prohibited items: The following items cannot be sold on Martcost:

1. Illegal or stolen items. This includes items obtained unlawfully as well as books that violate Indian. copyright laws.
2. Advanced reading copies or uncorrected proofs.
3. Defective and/or misprinted books
4. Books that are missing pages

Martcost Seller performance: Customer service is the highest priority for Martcost and we expect the same to be true for all Martcost Sellers on our Martcost. It is the Martcost Seller’s responsibility to accurately identify items through book traits and clear description, quickly and accurately confirm orders, fashion as outlined in these guidelines, and resolve customer issues in a courteous and professional manner. Failure to adhere to the highest standards for customer service and efficient fulfillment may lead to a Martcost Seller’s suspension pending the resolution of any issues.

Martcost Seller payments: We offer several payment options for Martcost Sellers:

1. Check (by mail)
2. NEFT/RTGS transfers to Account.
3. UPI
4. Wallet
5. Bank Transfer


1. Martcost will make every effort to contact the Martcost Seller prior to taking action for violations of Martcost Seller terms and conditions.
2. Customer information, including email address, may only be used in the context of fulfilling orders on Martcost. Use of any customer information for purposes outside of Martcost‘s order fulfilment is strictly forbidden.
3. Other violations of Martcost Seller terms and conditions include:
4. Listing inaccurate or incorrect book information using book traits or item descriptions (including ISBNs) resulting in the misrepresentation of inventory
5. Failure to deliver an item for which payment was accepted
6. Failure to respond to all customer inquiries pre- and post-order
7. Non-response to Martcost Customer Care staff inquiries
8. Unclear pricing; descriptions include instructions to contact
9. Peoples Book Shop Seller for pricing details or to negotiate a price (even though the book does have a valid price attached to it)
10. Cancelling an order on Martcost and redirecting a customer to pay you via PayPal or any other means
11. The redirection of orders in any manner, including but not limited to having a customer reship an order to another customer
12. Stating that returns are permitted, and then telling customers they must wait until another buyer is found
13. Not offering a refund for incorrectly described books
14. Listing stolen items
15. Threatening or abusive language or attempts to intimidate Martcost‘s staff, fellow Martcost Sellers, or buyers
16. Inclusion of personal or political commentary that may be considered defamatory in book descriptions
17. Attempting to bribe a customer with benefits in exchange for positive feedback or other similar actions
18. Attempting to delay or avoid customer return requests beyond 30 days to justify non-compliance of Martcost Seller responsibilities
19. Martcost reserves the right to make final decisions regarding disputes for all orders that occur on the Martcost.
20. Attempting to defraud or mislead by masking billing location, name, identity, or by other methods will result in account closure and forfeiture of all pending payments.

Payment Withholding: reserves the right to delay initiating a Payment Transaction transfer to a Seller’s Account (regardless of method of payment) pending an investigation if, in our sole discretion, believes the buyer or the seller may have breached this Participation Agreement. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Participation Agreement, if determines, in its sole discretion, that the seller has breached this Participation Agreement, may refuse to transfer any Payment Transactions to the seller and may instead maintain such amount in a trust account or may return such amount to the buyer. will not be liable to a seller if acts in this manner.

Termination:, in its sole discretion, may terminate this Participation Agreement, access to our Web Site or the Services, or any sales or purchases or offers for same, immediately and without notice, for any reason (including but not limited to repeat infringements). Although reserves the right to terminate this Agreement, access to our Web Site or the Services at any time for any reason, you agree that may treat you as a repeat infringer if receives more than 3 notifications of alleged legally improper behaviour.