Temperature Load E-Tabs v/s Safe


1. E-Tabs

  • A- Temperature load give linear strain ,the same below and up the slab , represent the difference in temperature gradually during year
  • B- Straining actions obtained from applying temperature load mainly in plane stresses for (slabs and beams ) and out of plane stress for columns and walls
  • C- Temperature load can not be exported directly from E-tabs to Safe but can export the effects with choosing (export floor loads plus column and wall distortions
  • D- Taking temperature load in E-tabs in considerations help to avoid using expansion joints

2. Safe

  • A- Temperature load give non linear strain differ from below and up slab , represent the local temperature difference between below and up slab Surface
  • B- Straining actions obtained are (in and out of plane stress for slab) differ with temperature difference between slab Surface
  • C- Taking temperature load in Safe in considerations can not help to avoid using expansion joints.

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