Arise, awake and
Stop not till the Goal is reached.

- Swami Vivekananda

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Who We Are...

Martcost was created in 2020 and has been recognized by the Indian Institute of Technical Computer Application (IITCA). We aim to deliver high-quality educational products to students at an affordable price. We also give services in various fields. The fields that we cater to include but are not limited to Engineering, Medical, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, and allied fields. We provide Final projects, Seminars reports, Summer training Reports, and Presentation reports (PPT) for all the above-mentioned courses.


Our Team

Bush RCBush RC (MNIT Jaipur)
Bush RC is a Civil Engineer with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Research Scholar (MNIT Jaipur) & Master's degree (NIT Agartala) in Structural Engineering. He will provide you the Structural Engineering. Solutions, Calculation & Drawings. He can design Structures, Elaborate Technical Documents & Drawings in AutoCAD, Develop Programs in Microsoft Excel.

Author, Service Provider

Lokesh LoharLokesh Lohar (IIT Kanpur)
Lokesh Lohar is a Civil Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Geotech Engineering from IIT Kanpur. His area of research is the Effect of time on Load-Displacement in a Single Pile Subjected to Pure Torsion. He has an excellent command over various aspects of Civil Engineering.

Author, Service Provider

Siddharth VairagiSIDDHARTH VAIRAGI (NIT Agartala)
Siddharth Vairagi is a Computer Science Engineer with a Master’s degree from NIT Agartala. He have good experience in Ethical Hacking & Web Designing. He also provide Websites and Final Project , Report & PPT of Computer Science & Engineering Department.

Service Provider, Developer, Author

Rohit RathorRohit Rathor (IIT Guwahati)
Rohit Rathor will help you in every type of assignment and task related to Soil Mechanics, Geotech, and other fields of Civil Engineering. He has completed a Master’s from IIT Guwahati and researching the use of nano – clay for strengthening the Problematic Soil.

Author, Content Provider

Varun ReddyVarun Reddy (Govt. Employee Indian Railway)
We are a Professional Architectural Design firm. we will provide you 3D Modelling of Buildings and Superstructures. We can Plan, model and design your Residences, Schools, Hospitals, Conventional Halls, Shopping Malls and Theatre with high quality renders that will exceed your expectation.

Author, Service Provider

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