Attitude of People towards Green Products


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Attitude of People towards Green Products (Final Project Report)

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Executive Summary

Green products are those items considered eco-friendly.  This means that the manufacturer of the particular product took the proper steps in ensuring that the environment was not harmed during its manufacturing process. The raw materials used in the product were derived from sustainable sources. And the production should have a low impact on the environment regarding waste, carbon emissions and energy use

Competition is one of the major challenges that a business man want to face in a modern world. Every industry is composed of many individual firms and each individual firm is providing similar goods and services. Naturally this situation makes a big chance for competition among these firms. So in order to becoming the market leaders every business wants to adopt different strategies.

Nowadays one of the major strategies adopted by companies to capture market is the marketing of green products or eco-friendly products. A green product provides a lot of advantages to us.  Today people giving more attention to protection of environment, as they are aware about the appearance of hole in the ozone layer, destruction of  forest etc. Because of these factors green products get more attention in today’s world.

The term ‘green’ has nothing to do with color, but the choice of name is appropriate because green is a color that is often associated with nature. Green products are considered kinder to the environment than non-green goods, in one way or another. The term is widely used and it doesn’t take much for a product to be called green, so it can cover a wide range of consumer goods.

A product is considered earth-friendly if it is biodegradable, meaning that it will pose no threat to the earth and environment, when it is released to the air, water or earth while in use or when disposed of. These types of products usually decompose much quicker in a landfill, than similar items that are not biodegradable. Biodegradable household cleaners, soaps, dish and dishwasher detergents and laundry soaps are just a few examples of this type of green product.

If a product contains any amount of recycled goods in its construction, it is also considered green for two reasons.  That’s because recycling reuses a material keeping it out of the landfill, as well as saves on the environment when alternative materials are not manufactured and used for that component.

A product where packaging has been considerably reduced compared to other similar products requiring less shipping room and in turn reducing carbon emissions during transport to market, might also be considered green.

When a product’s manufacturing process is designed specifically to save energy, reduce carbon emissions or use renewable energy to make that item, it can also give it a green label. In this case, the product really should also be earth friendly, but this is not always the case. Great strides have been made to manufacture green products in such a way as to reduce the manufacturing process and resulting impact on the earth, as well as making them earth-friendly when it comes to usage and disposal.  Many countries, states and provinces also have green initiatives in place that encourage companies to look for ways to manufacture products in an earth-friendly manner. Every effort, even those that may appear minor to us, help to reduce the impact consumer goods have on our environment.

An unwanted or unneeded gift that is resifted to another person is also considered ‘green’ because the item is saved from landfill or waste, and another item does not have to be manufactured for the gift. Re gifting is gaining popularity with those who love to recycle or simply want to better manage their gift budget. Many re gifted gifts are  much appreciated, but the gift-giver needs to adhere to some basic Re gifting Rules to successfully re gift a gift. How do you know if your product is ‘green’? Not all, but most green products have labels denoting the fact that they are either biodegradable, have been made from recycled goods or were subject to an earth-friendly manufacturing process. Manufacturers are well aware of the demand for green products and want to draw customer’s attention to their wares, which they usually consider to be the best green products. However, consumers should read labels to confirm before buying to ensure they are getting what they pay for. It’s just too easy to put the word ‘green’ on any product.

Note that green products are not the same as carbon zero or carbon neutral products which are in fact greener, though there may be similarities. Green can also apply to services or processes.

Green initiatives are undertaken in an effort to draw attention to the need to be kinder to our environment in everything we do. Green initiatives and green products are not same, though there is somewhat of a relation. Though green policies and endeavors should be conducted on an ongoing basis, there is much emphasis in the spring when initiatives are often scheduled close to or on Earth Day every year. However, we really should be thinking green all the time.

Man has limited resources at his disposal. But his wants are unlimited. Due to increase in population across the globe, mass production is inevitable. The manufacturing concerns have to meet the global demands with limited resources. Therefore, a strategic way satisfying the consumer’s need is the crucial issue today. The modification of business or production process towards green marketing may involve start-up cost, but it will save money in the long run.  Therefore through green marketing firms can make use of the limited resources in an effective and efficient manner. Awareness about environment related goods is constantly increasing across the globe .thus, focusing on green marketing has its relevance in the present context.

The products that are manufactured through technology and that caused no environmental hazards are called green products. Promotion of green product is necessary for the conservation of natural resources.  Green products like solar light, solar heater, handicraft items, paper bags and clay products have a good demand today. Solar light and solar heater makes the use of solar energy. Solar power products are innovative mechanisms that help to conserve energy. Solar products are environment friendly and are usually cost effective also. Plastic makes a lot of problems to world; especially plastic bags are bad for our environment. Low cost and easy availability leads to the promotion of plastic bags. in order to save our environment from the  threat of plastic bags; an alternative is developed that is paper bags. Paper bags are degradable and it does not make any harm to the environment. Handicraft items and clay products are also made by giving protection to environment as they are made from environment friendly materials.


  • Introduction to the Study
  • Statement of the Problem
  • Objectives of the Study
  • Scope of the Study
  • Analytical Tools Used
  • Review of Literature
  • Theoretical Review
  • Green Product Certification
  • Measures Taken By Government to Promote Green Products
  • Data Analysis and Interpretations
  • Findings
  • Suggestions
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Questionnaire Personal Data
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