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What is a diode!?

Once you graduate from the simple, passive components that are resistors, capacitors, and inductors, it’s time to step on up to the wonderful world of semiconductors. One of the most widely used semiconductor components is the diode.

Ideal Diodes

The key function of an ideal diode is to control the direction of current-flow. Current passing through a diode can only go in one direction, called the forward direction. Current trying to flow the reverse direction is blocked. They’re like the one-way valve of electronics.

If the voltage across a diode is negative, no current can flow*, and the ideal diode looks like an open circuit. In such a situation, the diode is said to be off or reverse biased.

As long as the voltage across the diode isn’t negative, it’ll “turn on” and conduct current. Ideally* a diode would act like a short circuit (0V across it) if it was conducting current. When a diode is conducting current it’s forward biased (electronics jargon for “on”).

Diode Seminar Report

Page Length : 26

Content :

  • Introduction
  • Real Diode Characteristics
  • Diode Datasheets
  • Types Of Diodes
  • Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs!)
  • Schottky Diodes
  • Zener Diodes
  • Photodiodes
  • Diode Applications
  • References

Diode Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 20

Content :

  • Introduction to the Basic concepts of Diodes
  • Whets a diode?
  • What are diodes made out of?
  • Diode Circuit Models
  • Applications of diodes in various circuits
  • Getting into:
  • Types of diodes
  • Their uses
  • Conclusion
  • References

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