Femtocell Seminar Report

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Mobile operators have been searching for licensed indoor coverage solutions since the beginning of wireless networks. Unfortunately, the bulk of this opportunity (i.e. residential environments) has been beyond the addressable market for cost and operational reasons. These reasons has triggered the design and development of new cellular standards such as WiMax (802.16e),the third generation partnership project’s(3GPP’s)High speed packet access(HSPA)and LTE standards, and3GPP2’s EVDO.

Femtocell Seminar Report

Page Length : 26

Content :

  • Introduction
  • Femtocells
  • Femtocell Working
  • System Architecture
  • Handover Operation
  • Design of Femtocell
  • Benefits of Femtocells
  • Disadvantages and Future Scope
  • Future Scope
  • Applications
  • Conclusion

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