Human Resource Management in Banking Sector – State Bank Of India


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Human Resource Management in Banking Sector – State Bank Of India (Final Project Report)

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Human Resource Management or Personnel management is the activity of managing personnel, usually employees.

In any organization, managing personnel is the process of making sure the employees (not the customers) are as productive as they can be. This can include hiring, firing, or transferring people to/from jobs they can do most productively.

This subject is a major at many universities, or a minor in the business school. It is also known as personnel administration, which is functionally an equivalent term.

Meaning of Human Resource Management 

A business unit needs employees to look after different activities. This is called manpower or human resource. Such human resource needs to be developed fully so that it will make positive contribution for the progress and prosperity of a business unit. For this systematic development and management of human resources is necessary. Human Resource Management (HRM) deals with:

      • Training
      • Self-development
      • Promotions
      • Performance appraisal of manpower recruited in an organization.

HRM is an organized learning experience aimed at matching the organizational need for career growth and development. It is a process involving series of learning activities designed to  acquire desired level of competence among employees. HRM is a continuous process and it needs money. Such investment creates a team of efficient, skilled and trained manpower which brings success and stability to a business unit. HRM programmed offer long term benefits to an organization.


Chapter No Particulars Page No.
1 1.0     Human Resource management 1
1.1     Meaning of Human Resource Management 1
1.2     Characteristics of Human Resource Management 2
1.3     Need and Development of Human resource management 3
2 2.0     Human Resource Management in Banking 5
2.1     What is a Bank 5
2.2     HRM Background and Practices 6
2.3    HR Practices and Methods 8
3 3.0     Job analysis, Job design, and Job evolution 9
3.1     Job analysis 9
3.2     Job design 13
4 4.0     Human Resource Planning 20
4.1     Recruitment 20
4.2     Selection 20
4.3     Placement 21
4.4     Induction & Orientation 21
5 5.0     Human Resource Development 23
5.1     Management Development 23
5.2     Career Planning & Development 23
5.3     Organizational Development 24


6.0     Compensations Management 25
6.1     Compensation 25
6.2     Compensations and Benefits 26
7 7.0     Human Relations 27
8 8.0     Human Resource Management in Bank 28
8.1     HRM in Cooperative Banks 28
8.2     HRM in Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) 28
8.3     HRM in Public Sector Banks 28
8.4     HRM in Private Banks & Foreign Banks 29
8.5     HRM in Public Sector Unit Banks (PSU Banks) 29
9 9.0     Responsibilities of the Human Resource Management Department in Banks 31
9.1     Role 31
9.2     Responsibilities 31
10 10.0   Employee Relation in Banks 32
11 Current Challenges Faced by banks in HRM 33
12 12.0   Development in Banks 35
12.1   Training and Development 35
12.2   Recruitment 39
12.3   Selections 40
13 13.0  HRM Issues in Public Sector Banks 45
14 14.0  Organizational Profile of State Bank of India 46
15 15.0   Data Analysis and Interpretation 50
16 16.0    Key Findings. 67
16.1   Suggestions and Recommendations 68
16.2   Limitation of the study 69
16.3   Conclusion 70
17 17.0   Questionnaire 71
18 18.0    Bibliography 78
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Human Resource Management in Banking Sector - State Bank Of India Human Resource Management in Banking Sector - State Bank Of India
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