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Moving.xlsx is an excel calculation to determine the loads in a span as a vehicle passes over it. The vehicle can have up to 10 axel loads making it suitable for the assessment of trains as well as wheeled vehicles.  The end supports of the span may be fixed, free, pinned or on rollers making this a very flexible tool for designers. The calculation produces a shear force, bending moment slope and deflection diagrams. Each diagram includes a summary table showing the maximum shear force, bending moment slope and deflection and the positions where they occur.

Using a scrollbar the vehicle can be dragged over the span and the diagrams instantaneously update. This interactive feature of the spreadsheet makes it very easy to understand the calculation. A second scrollbar can be used to interrogate the shear force, bending moment slope and deflection at any point along the span.

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Moving Loads Design Excel Sheet

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