Organic Reaction Mechanism Lecture Note


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Name of Notes : – Organic Reaction Mechanism Lecture Note


  • An organic reaction mechanism is a complete, step-by-step account of how a reaction of organic compounds takes place.
  • The description of an organic reaction mechanism typically includes designation of the overall reaction type (such as substitution, addition, elimination, oxidation, reduction, or rearrangement), the presence of any reactive intermediates, the nature of the reagent that initiates the reaction, the presence of any catalysis, and its stereochemistry.
  • A common method for showing the progress of a reaction is a potential energy diagram, which plots the free energy of the system as a function of the completion of the reaction. The highest point along the reaction pathway, called the transition state, indicates how easily the reaction can occur.
  • Another way to illustrate the steps involved in a reaction mechanism is a kinetic scheme, which shows all the individual reaction steps and their rate constants.
  • The energy difference between the reactants and the transition state is called the activation energy, and represents the amount of energy that must be provided for reactants to proceed to products.
  • Chemists also pay attention to the stereochemistry of a reaction, which provides insight into the specific orientation of molecules as they proceed through a reaction mechanism.

A complete, step-by-step account of how a reaction of organic compounds takes place. A fully detailed mechanism would correlate the original structure of the reactants with the final structure of the products and would account for changes in structure and energy throughout the progress of the reaction. A complete mechanism would also account for the formation of any intermediates and the rates of interconversions of all of the various species. Because it is not possible to detect directly all of these details of a reaction, evidence for a reaction mechanism is always indirect. Experiments are designed to produce results that provide logical evidence for (but can never unequivocally prove) a mechanism. For most organic reactions, there are mechanisms that are considered to be well established (that is, plausible) based on bodies of experimental evidence. Nevertheless, new data often become available that provide further insight into new details of a mechanism or that occasionally require a complete revision of an accepted mechanism. A common method for illustrating the progress of a reaction is the potential energy diagram, in which the free energy of the system is plotted as a function of the completion of the reaction (see illustration).

Modules / Lectures

  • Organic Reaction Mechanism
  • Chapter 1: Molecular Orbital O Common Functional Groups
  • Chapter 2 : Terms and Terminologies in Mechanistic Organic Chemistry
  • Chapter 3 : Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Reactions
  • Chapter 4 : Basic Stereochemistry of Organic Molecules
  • Chapter 5 : Classification and Determination of Reaction Mechanism
  • Chapter 6 : Nucleophilic substitution Reactions
  • Chapter 7 : Elimination Reactions
  • Chapter 8 : Addition Reactions
  • Chapter 9 : Substitution Reactions In Aromatic Compounds
  • Chapter 10 : Reactions involving carbonyl compounds
  • Chapter 11 : Molecular Rearrangements
  • Chapter 12 : Classifications and reactions involving carbon radicals
  • Chapter 13 : Oxidation Reactions

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