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  1. Introduction

A reinforced concrete slab or block which interconnects a group of piles and acts as a medium to transmit the load from wall or column to the Piles is called a Pile Cap. The Pile cap should normally be rigid so as to distribute the forces equally on the piles of a group. In general it is designed like a footing on soil but with the difference that instead of uniform reaction from the soil, the reactions in this case are concentrated either point loads or distributed.

As per IS 2911 (Part I/ Sec 3) -2010, the pile cap may be designed by assuming that the load from column is dispersed at 45˚ from the top of the cap up to the mid depth of the pile cap from the base of the column or pedestal. The reaction from piles may also be taken to be distributed at 45˚ from the edge of the pile, up to the mid depth of the pile cap. On this basis the maximum bending moment and shear forces should be worked out at critical sections.

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