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Name of Notes : – Population and Society Lecture Note


“An excellent introduction to the study of population and its significance for many of the key social, political, cultural and environmental issues facing the world today. It covers population growth, ageing, migration and mobility, parenting, health inequalities, and much more… The authors do not shy away from areas of continuing debate, providing both sides of an argument and encouraging readers to follow up the original sources”
– Tony Champion, Emeritus Professor of Population Geography, Centre for Urban, Regional & Development Studies, Newcastle University and Vice President, British Society for Population Studies, 2011-2013

Population and Society
 is an undergraduate introduction to population that explains the latest trends in population studies. The text provides a detailed and completely accessible overview that:

  • situates demographic events – fertility, mortality and migration – within the context of broader social impacts and theorisations like social inequalities, individualisation and life course analysis
  • uses global illustrative examples to demonstrate the importance of data and data interpretation in population studies
  • is illustrated throughout with pedagogic features, like chapter opening summaries, suggestions for further readings and case study examples.

This text will be widely used as the standard and most up-to-date text on population and society for courses across the social sciences.

Modules / Lectures

  • Population and Society
  • Basic Characteristics of Indian Society
  • Research Methods in Population Studies
  • Demographic Models
  • History of World Population Growth and its Impact on Society
  • Population of India
  • Urbanization and Development
  • Population Theories
  • Population Policy and Family Planning Programmes
  • National Population Policy
  • Ecological Degradation and Environmental Pollution
  • Emerging Issues in Sociology of Population

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