Pronouns Seminar Report With PPT


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Anna decided at the beginning of Anna’s first semester of college that Anna would run for thirty minutes every day. Anna knew that Anna would be taking a literature class with a lot of reading, so instead of buying print copies of all the novels Anna’s teacher assigned, Anna bought the audiobooks. That way Anna could listen to the audiobooks as Anna ran.

Pronouns Seminar Report

Page Length : 15

Content :

  • Introduction
  • What Is a Pronoun?
  • Types of Pronoun
  • Who vs. Whom—Subject and Object Pronouns
  • Demonstrative Pronouns
  • Indefinite Pronouns
  • Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • Interrogative Pronouns
  • References

Pronouns Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 26

Content :

  • What are pronouns?
  • Personal Pronouns
  • How do I use pronouns correctly?
  • Reference

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