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Name of Notes : – Real Time Systems Lecture Note


Real time system means that the system is subjected to real time, i.e., response should be guaranteed within a specified timing constraint or system should meet the specified deadline. For example: flight control system, real time monitors etc.

Types of real time systems based on timing constraints:

  1. Hard real time system –
    This type of system can never miss its deadline. Missing the deadline may have disastrous consequences. The usefulness of result produced by a hard real time system decreases abruptly and may become negative if tardiness increases. Tardiness means how late a real time system completes its task with respect to its deadline. Example: Flight controller system.
  2. Soft real time system –
    This type of system can miss its deadline occasionally with some acceptably low probability. Missing the deadline have no disastrous consequences. The usefulness of result produced by a soft real time system decreases gradually with increase in tardiness. Example: Telephone switches.

Modules / Lectures

  • Introduction
  • Real-Time Task Scheduling
  • Handling Resource Sharing and Dependencies Among Real-Time Tasks
  • Scheduling Real-Time Tasks in Multiprocessor and Distributed Systems
  • Commercial Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Real-Time Databases

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