Sidewinder Missile Seminar Report


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All of the expensive technology that goes into a fighter jet. Attack helicopter or bomber wouldn’t be much use on the battlefield with out any ordnance. while there’re not as expensive or complex as the military that carry them guns, missiles and bombs are pretty impressive aircraft in their own right. Smart weapons don’t just sail through the air: they actually find their own way to the target..

Sidewinder Missile Seminar Report

Page Length : 23

Content :

  • Introduction
  • Smart Weapons
  • Heat Sensing
  • The Components
  • Sidewinder Stats (For The AIM-9M)
  • The System
  • Tracking: Infrared
  • Tracking: Guidance Control System
  • Inflicting Damage: Optical Target Detector
  • Inflicting Damage: WDU-17/B Warhead
  • Advantages
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

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