Smart Material, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Mechanical Systems Lecture Note


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Name of Notes : – Smart Material, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Mechanical Systems Lecture Note


Smart materials are materials that are manipulated to respond in a controllable and reversible way, modifying some of their properties as a result of external stimuli such as certain mechanical stress or a certain temperature, among others. Because of their responsiveness, smart materials are also known as responsive materials. These are usually translated as “active” materials although it would be more accurate to say “reactive” materials.

For example, we can talk about sportswear with ventilation valves that react to temperature and humidity by opening when the wearer breaks out in a sweat and closing when the body cools down, about buildings that adapt to atmospheric conditions such as wind, heat or rain, or about drugs that are released into the bloodstream as soon as a viral infection is detected.


Materials science is a constant supply of news about new discoveries that could revolutionize our future. We review some of the most amazing materials from recent years below:

  • Synthetic spider web. This material is not only five times stronger than steel, but also has great elasticity. Its potential uses include: bulletproof clothing, artificial skin for burns or waterproof adhesives.
  • Shrilk. Its main component is chitin, a carbohydrate found in krill shells. It was created by researchers from Harvard University and is considered the ideal substitute for plastic — since its decomposition time is only two weeks and it also works as a stimulant for plant growth —.
  • Grapheme. Its potential uses are almost unlimited: batteries with more autonomy, cheaper photovoltaic solar cells faster computers, flexible electronic devices, more resistant buildings, bionic limbs, etc. All this is possible thanks to their multiple properties.

Modules / Lectures

  • Overview of Smart Materials
  • Modeling of Smart Materials
  • An Introduction to Composite Materials
  • Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures, and Intelligent Mechanical Systems
  • Actuators & Sensors based on HBLS Smart Materials
  • Intelligent Devices based on Smart Materials

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