Social Media Marketing in India


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Social Media Marketing in India (Final Project Report)

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Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Indian marketers are moving at a fast speed to tap the new normal opportunity. Social media has gone mainstream. And for businesses it represents an unprecedented marketing opportunity that transcends traditional middlemen and connects companies directly with customers. Customer acquisitions remain to be the prime goal of Indian marketers. According to leading marketers of India, the top three online investment channels for 2017 are Social media, Email marketing and Search marketing. 90% of the top marketers said that it is extremely important to integrate email marketing and social media. This is why nearly every business on the planet is exploring social media marketing initiatives The focus of marketers is shifting from ‘sending the message out’ to ‘start engaging with customers’. In this context, the role of a marketer is changing from ‘batch and blast’ processing to creating ‘listening posts’ and ‘dialogue hubs’ in customer communities. A shift from isolated pure play traditional platforms to an integrated multi-channel approach is helping the marketers address the challenge of new consumer’s expectations across many devices and channels. Indian marketers are leveraging the power of various communication channels and technologies- be it Email, SMS or Social Media in their portfolio. Here we will see the main trend of Social media marketing in India, The scope of it, The future and will undergo are search to follow the Customer perception About Social media for Brand management. Mobile Mobile is growing and continues to be an important channel for brands as well as consumers. 72% of the brands have a mobile app and a mobile-friendly website.


  • Chapter 1
      • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 2
      • 2.0 Introduction
      • 2.1 Industry Overview
      • 2.2. Company Overview
      • 2.3. Key Offerings
      • 2.4 Timeline
      • 2.5. About The Founder CEO
      • 2.6. Organizational Vision, Culture And Key departments
  • Chapter-3
      • 3.1 SWOT  Analysis
      • 3.2 Data Collection Procedures
        • 3.1.1 Research Design
        • 3.2.2 Survey
      • 3.3 Sampling Techniques
      • 3.4 Content Analysis Re Review
  • Chapter-4
      • 4.1 Introduction
      • 4.2 Objective
      • 4.3 Literature Review
      • 4.4 Research Methodology
      • 4.5 Data Analysis
      • 4.6 Demographics Profile
      • 4.7 Hypothesis Testing
        • 4.7.1 Hypothesis
        • 4.7.2 Hypothesis 2
  • Chapter-5
      • Findings
  • Chapter -6
      • Recommendations
      • Conclusion
      • Scope For Future Research
      • References
      • Annexure
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