Structural Analysis Workbook


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Structural Analysis

Page Length : 12

Question No. 01
If in a pin-jointed plane frame (m + r) > 2j, then the frame is

  • (A) Stable and statically determinate
  • (B) Stable and statically indeterminate
  • (C) Unstable
  • (D) None of the above
    Where ‘m’ is the member, ‘r’ is reaction Component, ‘j’ is number of Joints.

Answer: Option B

Question No. 02
Principle of superposition is applicable when

  • (A) Deflections are linear functions of applied forces
  • (B) Material obeys Hooke’s law
  • (C) The action of applied forces will be affected by small deformations of the structure
  • (D) None of the above

Answer: Option A

Question No. 03
The Castiglione’s second theorem can be used to compute deflections

  • (A) In statically determinate structures only
  • (B) For any type of structure
  • (C) At the point under the load only
  • (D) For beams and frames only

Answer: Option B

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