Study of the BPO HR Consultancy

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Study of the BPO HR Consultancy (Final Project Report)

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A consultancy firm is a firm providing placements or job to the individual in a specific or varied industry. The primary purpose of a consultancy firm is to provide jobs to the candidates according to their requirements.

Consultancy firms in essence are hired for a variety of purposes starting from something to be as  straight forward as researching a new market, technically challenging as designing and coding a large manufacturing control system, as sensitive as providing outplacement services for the HR department, or as a sophisticated as  totally rethinking the client’s organization and strategy. Their expertise in the chosen field not only makes them suitable but also due to exposure to other clients and similar problems in the same industry aware of best practices as well as probable solutions.

The ultimate aim is to understand the root of the problem and provide solution that is both cost and time effective and performance enhancing.  The management consultancy industry has seen rapid growth and development since 1980’s with more than 20% growth rates.  And today this sector has expanded into multiple of branches like:

  • Information technology consulting
  • Medical consulting
  • Human Resources consulting
  • Financial consulting
  • Operations consulting
  • Sales and market research consulting
  • Strategy consulting
  • Hotel and hospitality consulting

On top of the above mentioned divisions, there are consultancy firms  which serve niche sectors like Advertising/Marketing/Public relations consulting, Environmental consulting, Energy consulting, Consulting in Politics and the Public Sector, Real Estate consulting etc.

Employment / Placement agencies operate in both the public and private sectors. The commercial recruitment industry strives to provide a candidate to a client for a price. Agencies at one end of the spectrum are paid only if they deliver a candidate that successfully stays with the client beyond an agreed probationary period usually 1 or 3 months. Agencies at the other end charge a retainer to focus on a client’s needs and achieve milestones in the candidate search, and receive a percentage of the candidate’s salary when the candidate stays beyond a probationary period. The agency recruitment industry is highly competitive, therefore agencies have sought out ways to differentiate themselves and add value by focusing on a particular part of the recruitment life cycle. Most agencies provide a broad range of services, and with the extremes being the traditional providers and the niche operators.


  • Declaration         
  • Certificate 
  • Acknowledgement    
  • Executive Summary   
  • Introduction to HRM    
  • Introduction of the topic           

Chapter 1: Profile of the company         

      • About Company
      • Fact Sheet
      • Contact Details
      • Company Profile
      • Mission
      • Why Corpgen
      • Facilities
      • Aim & Approach of Corpgen
      • Process
      • Job specification
      • Candidate’s Referral
      • Database
      • Advertising
      • Short listing for Client’s consideration
      •  Placements follow up

Chapter 2: Introduction of the study            

      • Overview of BPO
      • Reasons for the growth of BPO
      • SWOT Analysis of BPO industry

Chapter 3: Research Methodology                 

      • Objectives of study
      • Scope of study
      • Limitations of study
      • Aim of study
      • Type of research
      • Research Design
      • Data collection Method
      • Interpretation from the study

Chapter 4: Start up of a consultancy    

      • Background
      • How to start a recruiting firm
      • Government licenses required to start Corpgen
      • Organizational Structure of Corpgen

Chapter 5: Operations of Corpgen                    

      •  Clients of Corpgen
      • Functional area of recruitment specialization at Corpgen
      • Employee placement at Corpgen
      • How does a recruiter/consultant get paid at Corpgen
      • Replacement
      • Recruitment procedure at Corpgen
      • Form attached along with candidate resume while forwarding to client.
      • Format of candidate’s interview schedule at Corpgen
      • Fundamental challenges at Corpgen
      • Final joining till now
      • SWOT Analysis of Corpgen

Chapter 6: Literature Review           

      • Stating a business
      • Working of a consultancy

Chapter 7: Findings, Recommendations and Suggestion  

      • Findings
      • Recommendations
      • Conclusion
      • References

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