The History of Computers Seminar Report with PPT


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Early Counting Tools

A computer is a machine that works with data and information in the form of numbers. People from the beginning of time, and throughout the years, have invented and continue to invent things that help them count.

Caveman counted with the only counting tools they knew, their fingers and toes. These were considered the first counting tools. Soon man realized that other objects needed to be used to keep up with larger numbers. Some of the other counting tools that have been used throughout time have been stones, knots on ropes (quipu), and notches on sticks, notches on bones, tally sticks, to name just a few. People used these counting tools to count their possessions and also to keep tract of the passing of time.

The History of Computers Seminar Report

Page Length : 41

Content :

  • The History Of Computers
  • Abacus
  • A Colossus To Solve An Enigma
  • Generations Of Computers
  • References

The History of Computers Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 31

Content :

  • Definition of a Computer
  • Definition of Modern Computer
  • Abacus
  • Napier Bones
  • Side rule
  • Pascaline
  • Stepped Reckoner
  • Jacquard Loom
  • Arithmometer
  • Difference Engine and Analytical Engine

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