Tsunami Seminar Report With PPT


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In this unit, find out what a tsunami is, what causes a tsunami, and signs and forewarnings of an impending tsunami.

Knowledge of tsunamis can be shared at school, through legends, stories, and experiences. When the experience of past tsunamis is remembered, loss of life and property can be prevented.

Tsunami Seminar Report

Page Length : 11

Content :

  • Overview
  • What is a Tsunami?
  • Why Talk About Tsunamis?
  • Causes of a tsunami
  • Human loss in tsunamis
  • Tsunamis Facts
  • Positive effects?
  • References

Tsunami Presentation Report (PPT)

Page Length : 10

Content :

  • Overview
  • What Are Tsunamis?
  • Why Talk About Tsunamis?
  • Causes Of Tsunami
  • Tsunamis Facts
  • Positive effects?

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