Ultra conductors Seminar Report


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Superconductivity   is the phenomenon in which a material losses all its electrical resistance and allowing electric current to flow without dissipation or loss of energy.  The atoms in materials vibrate due to thermal energy contained in the materials: the higher the temperature, the more the atoms vibrate. An ordinary conductor’s electrical resistance is caused by these atomic vibrations, which obstruct the movement of the electrons forming the current. If an ordinary conductor were to be cooled to a temperature of absolute zero, atomic vibrations would cease, electrons would flow without obstruction, and electrical resistance would fall to zero. A temperature of absolute zero cannot be achieved in practice, but some materials exhibit superconducting characteristics at higher temperatures.

Ultra conductors Seminar Report

Page Length : 36

Content :

  •  Introduction
  • Materials
  • Characterization
  • Processing Of Ultraconductors from Dielectric Polymers
  • Model Of Process-Induced Ultraconductor Formation
  • Applications
  • Conclusion
  • References

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