Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund of HDFC & ICICI


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Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund of HDFC & ICICI (Final Project Report)

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Executive Summary  

The Indian financial system based on four basic components like Financial Market, Financial Institutions, Financial Service, Financial Instruments. All are play important role for smooth activities for the transfer of the funds and allocation of the funds. The main aim of the Indian financial system is that providing the efficiently services to the capital market. The Indian capital market has been increasing tremendously during the second generation reforms. The first generation reforms started in 1991 the concept of LPG. (Liberalization, privatization, Globalization) Then after 1997 second generation reforms was started, still the it’s going on, its include reforms of industrial investment, reforms of fiscal policy, reforms of ex – imp policy, reforms of public sector, reforms of financial sector, reforms of foreign investment through the institutional investors, reforms banking sectors. The economic development model adopted by India in the post independence era has been characterized by mixed economy with the public sector playing a dominating role and the activities in private industrial sector control measures emaciated form time to time. The last two decades have been a phenomenal expansion in the geographical coverage and the financial spread of our financial system.

The spared of the banking system has been a major factor in promoting financial intermediation in the economy and in the growth of financial savings with progressive liberalization of economic policies, there has been a rapid growth of capital market, money market and financial services industry including merchant banking, leasing and venture capital, leasing, hire purchasing. Consistent with the growth of financial sector and second generation reforms its need to fruition of the financial sector. Its also need to providing the efficient service to the investor mostly if the investors are supply small amount, in that point of view the mutual fund play vital for better service to the small investors. The main vision for the analysis for this study is to scrutinize the performance of five star rated mutual funds, given the weight of risk, return, and assets under management, net assets value, book value and price earnings ratio.


S. NO. Contents Page No.
1 Introduction To Topic 7
2 Introduction to Companies 11
3 Review of literature 14
4 Need/Scope of Study 16
5 0bjective of the study 16
6 Research Methodology 18
7 Analysis 21
8 Findings 43
9 Limitations 43
10 Recommendations 43
11 Conclusion 44
12 Bibliography 46
13 Annexure 48
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Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund of HDFC & ICICI Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund of HDFC & ICICI
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