Ground Handling Regulation in India and a Comparison with International Policies and Practices


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Ground Handling Regulation in India and a Comparison with International Policies and Practices (Final Project Report)

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Executive Summary

Ground Handling care of is a basic administration that is required by a Aircraft administrator before take-off and in the wake of landing. Because of security worries at Indian Airports, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) issued a roundabout making it compulsory for all Ground Handling care of specialist organizations to experience trusted status and personal investigations of its workers previously issuing the airport section pass. Resulting to this administer, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India issued another ground dealing with control in 2007 that confined the quantity of specialist co- ops and in addition self handling via air ship administrators (barring the national aircraft) at six noteworthy Airports in India. The private airplane administrators recorded a suit against the legislature. This case is being heard in the Supreme Court of India at the season of composing this paper.

The primary reason for this exploration is to recognize approaches to alter the current control by building up a reasonable, non-biased Ground Handling care of direction that is advantageous to all the real partners in the Indian flying industry, without trading off on wellbeing, security and space requirements at Airports. This exploration distinguished the fundamental issues of the current ground dealing with control in India and examinations were made basically with the European Council Directive that was issued in 1996. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard and suggested rehearses, alongside other universal practices, were contrasted and the Indian situation. Security rehearses at Airports, wellbeing benchmarks for Ground Handling care of, rivalry, cost and quality control were additionally talked about.

Suggestions were proposed to enhance the present control in light of writing audit, incorporation of different assessments from experts in ICAO, wellbeing and security controllers in Australia, aircrafts, airports and Ground Handling care of organizations in India and outside


Sr. No. Content Page. No.
List of figure
List of Tables
List of Abbreviations
1 Introduction 13-14
2 Meaning and definition Of Ground Handling 15
3 Objectives 16
4 Methodology 17-19
5 literature Review 20
6 Background 21-22
7 Problem Statement and Research Questions 23-24
8 Ground Handling Service 25-38
9 Regulation 39-57
10 Ground Handling Regulation in India – 2007 58
11 Ground Handling Regulation in India -2016 NCAP 59-60
12 Highlights of the Merits and Problems of the New Ground Handling Regulation 61-84
13 Competition 85-98
14 Recommendation 99-101
15 Annexure 102-104
16 Data Analysis and interpretation 105-114
17 Conclusion 115
18 References 116-117
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