Product Branding and Improving Operational Efficiency at Edumentor Educational Services


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Product Branding and Improving Operational Efficiency at Edumentor Educational Services (Final Project Report)

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In the past 8 years of its coming into business, EduMentor has carved a niche by developing a new segment of educational services for undergraduates.

  • Market Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Maintaining Operational Efficiency
  • Market Research On Customer Satisfaction

During this project I had made the extensive research on the educational sector and the coaching institutes in and around the NCR region. I have coated some useful suggestions by which company can attain its target audience and reach its sales target and grow substantially.

Various brand awareness activities were carried out on the content as it is the major medium between the buyer and coaching institutes. This made EduMENTOR as the leader in under graduate Test prep institute in NCR Region. The empirical exploratory research has been carried forward. The primary data is generated with the help of school counseling, referencing and Board Center Activity.

Operations play a major role in any company’s day to day activities. Improving operational efficiency is the major problem any company in this field is facing in the present time.

Operation management has been done in a effective and efficient manner. For my work in Operations I was given the appreciation and certified me as the “Best operational manager of EduMENTOR” among 56 interns.

For my work during Internship in EduMentor I was awarded the STAR PERFORMER OF EDUMENTOR FOR THE YEAR 2014.



Authorization i
Acknowledgment ii
Executive summary iii
1. Introduction

1.1 Education industrial scenario: INDIA



1.2 The Coaching Industry 2
1.3 About The company 4
1.3.1    Company structure 5
1.4 Company Analysis 6
2    Project Description

2.1 Purpose



2.2 Scope 11
2.3 Limitations 12
3    Product and Competitors Analysis

3.1 Product analysis



3.2 Competitors analysis 18
3.3 Market Leader Analysis 18
3.4 Learning outcome from product and competitors Analysis 20
4    Marketing Strategies

4.1 Marketing/promotional strategies



4.2 Methods of promotion 25
4.3 Applying Marketing concept 27
5. Content Development

5.1 Content Development



6. Operations Management

6.1 Scheduling



6.2 Logistics Management 4
7    Research Design

7.1 Research Problem Idea



7.2 Problem Definition 43
7.3 Problem Objective 43
7.4 Research Design 43
7.5 Data Analysis 45
7.6 Analysis Of Findings 45
8    Findings 60
9    Conclusion 62
10 Recommendations 64
11 Appendix 67
12 References 71
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